Meal & Montessori

Here we are … as promised to speak a bit of the method Maria Montessori!

At this time in our house the Weaning began ! Very “in” topic among my Mom-friends at this time.

Liam is a foodie , it’s a shame he wants to taste all my food and not his one . Very smart my little boy! He immediately realized that mom, for not having lost the pounds of her pregnancy, must eat something very tasty ….. which certainly does not look like his milk or even the fabulous corn and tapioca! 🤣
But let’s go back to us. Here are some tips for moms who want to get into the fantastic Montessori world!
According to Maria Montessori, the baby should eat sitting on a low table (always remember that everything should be child-sized according to this method) so that the child can climb and get off the chair independently. We also recommend the low table and chair because in the montessorian method the idea of ​​tying the baby in the high chair is absolutely excluded, but not just in the high chair, the idea of ​​imposition , obligation (in this case the constraint of being tied to the high chair) It is always counterproductive at every occasion !

Let’s go ahead … Mummies keep up. Sit. Well in the montessorian method is important … drum roller …. sbam 🖐🏻


The groundbreaking food is a child experiment that needs to be accepted! And I know we already have so many things to clean without having to throw food right and left. Have patience, they are experiencing gravity! Also the launch on the floor is done with games, cutlery, glasses, dishes .. so the child will also see how many mom’s will collect the object and will experience the limit concept!

I attach photo post to my son’s snack for solidarity 🙋🏼 and for privacy I can not show you my son fave👶🏼 but imagine yogurt everywhere on his face, hands, arms and legs!

Another “joy” of this method … You should use ceramic plates, so that once they landed and broke the child realize that they will not have it anymore. I have opted for silicone so far … for learning the cause-effect Liam will wait a bit longer, when we have room for a small coffee table and a small chair to follow the metho completely!
So far for the little ones it should be enough .. but if your kids are a little older than there are other notes of the method such as:

Set the table autonomously, with the help of the Montessori placemat.

Having a baby height shelf for dishes and cutlery etc. will surely help the child in his task to set up the table. 

It should also clear and clean the table : wash everything you used! (We at school use trays: one with water and soap, one with water for the reappearance, thus avoiding the waste)

When it is bigger, around the age of 2, it will be important that the babies will pour food on their own. In this way they will learn to take small quantities, because as mentioned shortly, waste is not contemplated! They can have seconds , put it is important to finish everything they have on the dish . 

I hope these little Montessori recommendations will be worthwhile! If you have any suggestions, questions or concerns feel free to write me at any time 😘


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